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    Propane Plus
    Propane delivery for residential and commercial
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    We sell and install a variety of fireplaces.
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Propane is extracted from natural gas and gas refineries. It comes in an odorless form, without color and non toxic. An odor is added as to be recognizable. Propane is maintained under pressure in a highly concentrated liquid form of gas. As such, it is easily transportable with a high level of energy. This represents a flexible and economical form of energy. It is used in homes, campsites, restaurants, construction sites and in agricultural and industrial environments. It also fuels many vehicles across the country. Gas propane is a popular energy solution because of its low cost and flexibility. Compared to natural gas which is delivered through subterranean pipes (only when authorized by municipalities), gas propane must be delivered by specialized trucks. In rural areas, it is the most cost affective source of energy.

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