Automatic Delivery System

Never miss gas again

We are happy to announce that we now have a monitoring system for tanks for homes and businesses. This monitor, which is installed on your tank, will inform us of your gas level each day. There is no more need for you to call us for a fill up! Our trucks will automatically be sent when necessary. Automatic deliveries : We keep track of your usage and adjust accordingly. You do not have to call us for a delivery unless you've noticed an increase in usage because of newly added appliances that use propane. We also recommend that, since usage varies between clients, we suggest that you advise us at the beginning and end of your usage so as to avoid unnecessary deliveries. Monitor Rental price: $58.00 per year.

Notre réseau de livraison certifié sécuritaire se consacre à la livraison fiable de propane dans toutes les régions du Grand Montréal, et ce, depuis plus de 20 ans.